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Atrocious proposal to close Carlton Primary School must be stopped

10 January, 2020

Carlton Primary School

• I MUST voice my utter frustration and outrage at Camden’s proposal to close Carlton Primary School, (Parents deliver clear message to the Town Hall: Carlton Primary School must stay OPEN, December 6).

It is situated in the heart of a buzzing community. It provides the quality education that is so much needed to raise the standard of achievements of the children.

The school’s holistic approach to provide a broader curriculum encompassing the needs of all the children has been noted and appreciated by Ofsted and very much valued by the parents, guardians and the wider community.

The school has been consistently aiming to provide a congenial and stimulating learning environment promoting self-esteem and higher self-expectation .

It has strategically extended a number of classrooms to accommodate a wider curriculum and, over the years, recognised the needs of all the children, providing quality teaching and learning in a special environment.

The nursery provides quality early-years education with its extended classroom and multi-sensory equipment. The school playgrounds, both at the nursery and main building, are well equipped to provide varied physical activities during the playtimes and during other games and physical education sessions.

The dynamic of the staff remains the same. They work hard as a team, nurturing children’s needs, and ensuring all achieve highly at their levels.

While as a former headteacher of Carlton I recognise that pupil numbers have drastically fallen, we as an educational establishment are totally helpless as we have no control over Camden’s housing policies.

I would argue however that there are three other schools in the locality with the dwindling numbers of school population. I wonder, based on what grounds Camden education authority decides to play God with children’s futures and people’s livelihoods with the threat of closure of Carlton.

Carlton, with its extended classrooms, has the capacity comfortably of accommodating 430 children across the primary age range and equivalent to 30 full-time nursery pupils.

Then why doesn’t Camden consider the notion of amalgamating two schools and base the population of both in Carlton. The forecast is that the primary school population will gradually increase to its fullest capacity in the next seven years.

By making a huge negative publicity with the threat of closure the education authority has contributed towards the premature death of Carlton community.

The threat will create a sense of fear in the minds of parents and staff who will aim to leave the school thus causing the school to implode unless the threat of closure is removed.The authority is there to protect the interest and welfare of the school community.

It seems Camden is determined to do the completely opposite and is determined to destroy the spirit of the school – physically, socially and emotionally. This atrocious proposal of Camden must be stopped immediately.

Former headteacher
Carlton Primary School


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