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Bye-law to stop bird-feeding in parks

Hot Facebook debate on whether pigeons should be given food

14 January, 2020

THE Town Hall has reminded park users of a byelaw in place stopping the feeding of birds in many of the council-run open spaces

The wisdom of feeding birds became a hot topic on the New Journal’s Facebook page after a post showing a photo of a man pouring dried rice onto the pavement in Mornington Crescent.

The birds flocked around the food. Sharp and contrasting opinions were shared by our readers with some believing encouraging pigeons would spread disease, and others suggesting it was welcome to see people caring for their feathered friends.



Environment chief Councillor Adam Harrison said of Camden’s decision to erect signs banning bird feeding in parks: “As enjoyable pastime as it may appear, feeding the birds can encourage pests, as well as leaving a mess that we then need to clean up to ensure everyone can enjoy Camden’s parks and green spaces.”

He added: “A number of our parks are covered by a parks byelaw that states visitors are not allowed to feed any animal or bird other than one belonging to them. Our parks staff will inform anyone feeding the birds at one of these specific locations of this byelaw.”

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