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On the roads, pedestrians are the bottom of the pile

11 September, 2020

From artist Fougasse’s cartoon take on road priority 

• I WAS interested to see Brian Benjamin’s letter using the changes to Prince of Wales Road to highlight how the cycling lobby has been favoured to the detriment of ordinary people walking on their local streets, (Pedestrians are in danger crossing Prince of Wales Road, September 3).

It rather reminds me of the 1930s Fougasse cartoons, where first the lorry driver says to the car driver, “Get Off The Road!”, right down to the cyclist doing just the same to the pedestrian.

Camden’s policy, employed in Prince of Wales Road, ignores the negative experience of similar schemes elsewhere in London where the poor old walker is at the bottom of the pile for consideration.

Who has priority when a pedestrian wants to board a bus? The cyclist. Who has to have eyes in the back of their head when trying to cross the road? The pedestrian.

The “traffic islands” which have been removed from Prince of Wales Road in Kentish Town were, in fact, “pedestrian islands” which provided protection against fast moving vehicles.

They allowed people to cross a busy road with a greater degree of safety. Now they are removed the protection is gone. And the removal took place without proper consultation.

Camden Council will not address this lack of discussion, so I have asked the Local Government Ombudsman to look at the problem.

I, and many other people trying to cross the road, look forward to the response.

Healey Street, NW1


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