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Opt out of Hancock’s data sharing scheme

10 June, 2021

Health secretary Matt Hancock

• PRIVATE firms have been handed £15billion in NHS contracts over the past five years. The value of these contracts has soared by 89 per cent since 2015.

So when health secretary Matt Hancock said in January that “there is no privatisation of the NHS on my watch” he was being economical with the truth.

Another example is the attempt to make NHS patient records data available to private companies. No one has confirmed that we would not be contacted by insurance companies suggesting that we buy an insurance policy for some complaint that we suffer from.

When our use of such a policy has gone full circle over a number of years then, having run out of money, we may be told, usually by an accountant in our private hospital room, that our insurer will not cover us any more and that we will have to leave the hospital the next day. I have actually witnessed this happen to an old friend of mine.

So let’s all contact our GP or medical centre by June 23 to state that we wish to opt out of this iniquitous scheme.

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