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That tree ‘butchery’ looks more like preservation

04 October, 2019

The cherry blossom tree at the junction of Gloucester Avenue and Oval Road in Camden Town

• REFERRING to your story (Network Rail ‘butchers’ cherry blossom tree in midnight work, September 26), the photographed evidence of “removed”, “butchered”, “a stump”, appears more like expert canopy removal and preservation of a tree that would, if allowed, return to its former size.

In my humble opinion, the pruning will reduce root growth and lessen the damage to the tunnel while preserving a beautiful, if reduced, blossom tree. Network Rail’s letter explains its reasons for late-night work.

A gorgeous poplar in Montpelier Gardens was reduced in height after being accused of causing subsidence. Bay, crab apple and Cercis Canadensis trees in my small garden are “controlled” to prevent them causing shade nuisance or root damage, but are still beautiful.



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