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The Talacre project debt will not be forgotten

10 June, 2021

The development on land next to Talacre park

• YOUR piece (Blunder robs Town Hall of millions, June 3) has the suggestion from Camden that overage on the Talacre project cannot be collected due to the discovery that an unnamed officer in the legal department had made an error.

That an error had been made, one doesn’t doubt but that doesn’t mean that overage is not owed. What the council are now saying has all the hallmarks of a damage limitation exercise.

Admit to the world at large that an error was made; find a scapegoat in the form of an officer who has left; suggest its ok because “lessons have been learned”; maintain it is of less consequence because was all a very long time ago.

And hope it will be forgotten. Well, it won’t be forgotten.

We will press for Camden to carry out the terms of the sale agreement which allows an “expert” to be appointed to evaluate the amount that is owed. And then seek to collect.

The freeholders of the building may be in the British Virgin Islands but the building is still in Kentish Town.



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